Leonie Bos, Netherlands

Leonie Bos is an Amsterdam based artist known for her highly considered settings in pronounced colours. Light and texture are essential in her work, unnecessary details avoided. For a long time, architecture was Bos’s greatest source of inspiration. Nowadays, a shift is visible and the human figure is increasingly making a reappearance in her work.

She’s representated by Handsome Frank agency and has collaborated with several heavyweight editorial platforms. From pieces for the New Yorker, New York Times and Apple to the cover art for Wallpaper* and Elle Decoration.


Leonie Bos - Straw Leonie Bos - Tube Leonie Bos - Spring Leonie Bos - Fans Leonie Bos - Cap Leonie Bos - Chain Leonie Bos - Tape Green Leonie Bos - Tape Red Leonie Bos - Tape Blue