Tymo Grijpma, Netherlands (1989)

After studying illustration (Academie Minerva, Groningen. 2007-2012) and doing some years of commercial and editorial illustration he picked up painting. He experiments with different painting techniques and quickly develops a personal style. Currently Tymo works from his studio in Groningen where he makes oil paintings and has worked on several art-projects in the public space.

Using a recognizable palette of dark shades and primary colors, Tymo Grijpma plays with color fields to create abstract compositions of form and space. His shapes are deconstructed, reduced and rearranged in search of the simplest form in which the subject can express itself. He finds harmony in high pigmented colours and well-balanced compostions, always considering how shape, form and colour are relating to one another. Every detail that is not useful or might do harm is left out, for it could knock over the entire work.

The recurring themes in his work are mostly drawn from everyday life and the classical subjects in art history such as still lifes, the female body and plants. The work should not be highly conceptual or philosophical, it’s about the way the artist sees things and translates it onto the canvas.


Tymo Grijpma - Pond Tymo Grijpma - Untitled Tymo Grijpma - Two floating pins Tymo Grijpma - Untitled Tymo Grijpma - lost Tymo Grijpma - Plant Tymo Grijpma - Bathers by a waterfall Tymo Grijpma - untitled Tymo Grijpma - Black Dog Tymo Grijpma - untitled Tymo Grijpma - Study of three pins Tymo Grijpma - The Party