Glazed Graffiti - Glazed Graffiti

Glazed Graffiti

12.11 – 04.12 2022
Ceramic works by Yuri van Poppel aka SunkOne.

I am very much looking forward to this show, it combines so many things that I love. Growing up in the eighties and nineties, listening to hiphop, skateboarding and playing basketball, I was always surrounded with street culture and graffiti was never far away. Although never actively taking part in this scene it was always surrounding me and definitely formed my early visual aesthetics.

With my love for everything ceramic, we go full circle. SunkOne, a legend in the Dutch graffiti game started his project Glazed Graffiti last year and I couldn’t be more proud to show his work in the gallery. Expect a mix of various unique ceramic objects spray painted with glaze as if it was a wall. Only now this won’t get cleaned. This is forever.

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