Tymo Grijpma - Metamorphosis


23.10 – 27.11 2021

Here we go, next show at Bisou will be Tymo Grijpma’s first official solo. After a challenging 2020, Tymo is back!

“Most of the subjects in my work aren’t related to events in my personal life but they do have a deeper connection with me. My energy is reflected in the paintings I create.

When life moves slow or even seems to stand still, my work doesn’t evolve either. In 2020 I got stuck, bored of old routines and patterns, I needed to change to create new beginnings.

I decided to go back to basics, focusing on nature’s constant evolution. In order for new things to blossom, other things need to go and I found much needed transformation by letting things go.”

Tymo Grijpma, october 2021.

Click here for the ‘Metamorphosis’ press release.