Jules Julien, France (1975)

Jules Julien is an Amsterdam based French visual artist whose work has been shown in commercial contexts as well as in worldwide exhibitions. His drawings oscillate between photographic precision and hypersensitive softness with a great enigmatic charge. His art plays with the meaning of colors, images and symbols. From vectorial black drawings to vivid monochromes and digital collages, his minimal approach allies sense and sensitivity.

This is what ‘It’s nice that’ had to say about the artist.


Jules Julien - Frères Ennemis no.1 Jules Julien - Frères Ennemis no.7 Jules Julien - Frères Ennemis no.5 Jules Julien - Frères Ennemis no.3 Jules Julien - Frères Ennemis no.4 Jules Julien - Red Glow no.3 Jules Julien - Red Glow no.2 Jules Julien - Red Glow no.6 Jules Julien - Red Glow no.1 Jules Julien - Maigres Mirages no. 03 Jules Julien - Maigres Mirages no. 05 Jules Julien - Maigres Mirages no. 06 Jules Julien - Maigres Mirages no. 11