Ever since I was young I loved showing the other kids stuff that I had found and collected and thought was cool. It has never stopped. From 2016 Bisou Gallery has been my playground, first online only, and now in a physical space as well. Bisou is the place where I can show you the art that I have fallen in love with, whether it’s living artists or great art from artists that passed and might have been slightly forgotten. I always try to place the art in a certain context to make it speak to the viewer as much as possible, this often means I combine the works of different artists, but also combine it with for instance design pieces. In the world of Bisou the art is never on its own, it’s always part of a bigger curated universe.

Hope to see you in the gallery soon.

Julien Rademaker

Ps. I had a very pleasant talk with James Brillon for Nuvomag, if you would like to learn a bit more about me, please check the Nuvomag interview here. 

Levantkade 85
1019 MJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Pascal Duval - Pascal Duval, ‘In my Room’, summer 2021 Shapes GOOD MORNING off the wall Kumi Sugaï - Decisions, decisions. Faan Olgers - faan olgers Faan Olgers - Twins Kumi Sugaï - Off the wall Bisou Bisou Gallery Warm Light Bisou Welcome The Beginning of it all